2020 Candidates

Jonah Bliss, Mansfield Ave

I’ve been living in Sycamore Square for two and a half years, and absolutely love this unique neighborhood. In that time, I’ve been a frequent attendee of board meetings, and have joined the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council’s Transportation Committee. I’m eager to help our neighbors and neighborhood be the best they can be, and will bring my long-standing work experience in the field of transportation to local issues like transit / traffic and new development. Looking forward to serving you all!

Joshua Kirchmer, Sycamore Ave

Hello world! I’m Josh, I work as a film editor and live on Sycamore Ave with my fiancée Kim and our dog Shuffle. This will be my 3rd time running for a seat on the Board, where I’ve been serving as Secretary.In a small neighborhood such as ours, where I’ve lived for almost 5 years now, I feel compelled to continue my work and help improve life in our corner of LA.

Lane, Citrus Ave

My name is Lane. I have lived in Sycamore Square for over 20 years. Sycamore Square provides a unique haven of neighbors who unite formally and informally, appreciating our diversified niche in the metropolis of L.A.  Community – common unity – can be a powerful force and place to create harmony, quality of life and safety. Our world, social and cultural organizations are changing because of CV-19, environmental crisis and other pressures. I feel now is the time to deepen involvement in support of our rather magical neighborhood.

Veronica (Vero) Matos, Orange Dr

Why? Sycamore Square has been my family’s home for 20 years. We moved to Sycamore Square in 2000 before it had a name ( I remember the meeting that gave birth to “Sycamore Square”); raised a son here; and we have no plans of moving anywhere else. Through all the changes ( I still miss Bob’s Big Boy), we have been quietly committed to helping make the neighborhood a place where other folks are happy to live their lives and raise their families. My commitment has been fired up as a result of everything that 2020 has thrown our way. So, thinking globally and acting locally, I’m interested in sharing my efforts and energy with the Sycamore Square Association Board.

Conrad Starr, Mansfield Ave

In 2016, Mansfield was choked with semi-trucks and cement mixers, pinning in residents trying to leave for work. I joined the board and held weekly calls with the builder. Things got safer and more predictable. Since that fall, I’ve been SSNA president.

Today, I ask not just for your vote, but for your partnership. As your representative, I’ll fortify connections with City leadership and will ensure we have a regular forum for meeting up. As our “eyes and ears,” you’ll bring your experiences, perspectives, and the willingness to work on solutions together. I hope we have a deal.