Safer in the Square

Safer in the Square

A senior lead officer is a police officer in charge of a basic car area within a geographic division. Senior lead officers provide a link that help unite the LAPD with the communities it serves. They are responsible for monitoring crime trends in basic car areas, working with Community-Police Advisory Boards and acting as liaisons with detectives to stay informed of crime trends and special problems within their area.

We have three senior lead officers (SLO) for our neighborhood:

  • If you live between 8th and Wilshire, your SLO is Ofc. Dave Cordova, who can be reached at or (213) 793-0650. *Note* Ofc. Dave Cordova is currently on leave.  Please contact Ofc. Hebel Rodriguez (see below).
  • If you live between 8th and Olympic, between La Brea and the west side of Mansfield, your SLO is Ofc. Anna Schube who can be reached at or (213) 793-0782.
  • If you live between 8th and Olympic, between the east side of Mansfield and Highland, your SLO is Ofc. Hebel Rodriguez who can be reached at or (213) 793-0715.

Important Neighborhood Information

Find the representative for your address here.

Elected Officials
  • Mayor of Los Angeles
Eric Garcetti
  • Los Angeles City Controller
Ron Galperin
  • Los Angeles City Attorney
Mike Feuer
  • City Council
District 4: David Ryu
  • County Supervisor
District 2: Mark Ridley-Thomas (Between 8th & Olympic);
District 3: Sheila Kuehl (between Wilshire and 8th)
  • Neighborhood Council
Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council
  • State Senate
District 26: Ben Allen
  • State Assembly
District 50: Richard Bloom (8th to Olympic)
  • US Congress
District 33: Ted Lieu (Wilshire to 8th);
District 37: Karen R. Bass
  • LAUSD Schoolboard
District 1: George McKenna
Public Safety
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station

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