Bylaws of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association

Approved by the Board, February 20, 2017
Amended by the Board, April 08, 2020
Amended by the Board, June 04, 2020


The name of this neighborhood organization is the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association. It may also be known and referred to here as the “SSNA.”


The goals of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association are:

  • To bring together the diverse elements of our community into a united organization that truly represents the interests of all of our neighbors; and,
  • To develop a capability to listen to and interact with and inform all who have interests in our community; and,
  • To effectively represent our community in dealing with the City of Los Angeles and other government agencies; and,
  • Above all to unify and serve the interests of our community so as to enhance the safety and quality of life in the Sycamore Square neighborhood and surrounding area.

In service of this larger purpose, the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association will participate in:

(1)  Monitoring City services and holding City employees accountable to the residents of the community; and,

(2)  Pursuing enforcement of existing City codes; and,

(3)  Consulting with City officials regarding plans for appropriate residential and commercial development, including the provision of adequate parking for these projects; and,

(4)  Monitoring traffic throughout the area with special concern for the health and safety of residential neighborhoods; and,

(5)  Encouraging neighborhood beautification, tree planting, and graffiti removal; and,

(6). Advocating neighborhood preservation.


The Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association represents the area bounded by the east side of Citrus Ave., the north side of Olympic Boulevard, the east side of La Brea Avenue and the south side of Wilshire Boulevard.


Membership in the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association shall be open to all those age 18 and over who reside, own property, or are a designated representative of a business or other entity located within the boundaries of the association.

(1)  Annual Meeting: There shall be an Annual Meeting of the membership once a year at a time, date, and location to be fixed by the Board of Directors (traditionally, this meeting has been held during the month of August).  One primary purpose of this meeting will be to elect the Board of Directors for the coming year.  Motions shall be approved by a majority vote of members present. (One vote per member.)

(2)  Board Meetings: The Board of Directors will meet monthly, at a date, time and location convenient to the elected board members.  Public notice of the meetings will be made at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  Meetings may be cancelled due to a lack of agenda items.  A quorum will be defined as 51% of the members. Only Board Members may participate in votes at Board meetings.

(3)  Membership Meetings: Membership meetings shall be held as needed, for dissemination of neighborhood news and information, and for discussion and votes on issues of importance to the neighborhood.  Membership meetings must be advertised to the public at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. All members of the Association may participate in votes taken at Membership meetings.

(4)  Open Meetings: All meetings shall be open and public and shall permit members to participate in the conduct of business, deliberation and the decision-making process.

(5)  Communications: The SSNA shall establish a system to communicate with members on a regular basis and to allow for proper notice of membership meetings.

(6)  Declared Emergencies: Under declared emergencies, the board may meet by telephonic or digital means to ensure the safety of board members and stakeholders, as directed by the presiding officer.


(1)  Accountability: The affairs and business of the SSNA shall be managed by the Board of Directors (the “Board”).

  • Number of Directors: The Board shall number not less than seven (7) and may be increased as deemed necessary, with Board approval. Efforts will be made to recruit and elect at least one member from each of our four major residential streets (Citrus, Mansfield, Orange and Sycamore) to the Board each year.
  • Election and Term of Office: The Board shall be elected at the Annual Meeting, from among the members present. The Board shall elect officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) from among the Board members by a majority of the Board at the first Board meeting after the Annual Meeting. Additional members of the Board may be elected by majority vote of the Board after the Annual Meeting or, at any Board Meeting. Board members shall serve two-year, renewable terms starting immediately after being elected at the Annual Meeting. Board terms shall be staggered, with three seats up for election in odd numbered years, and the other four seats up for election in even-numbered years.

(4)  Vacancies: If a Director vacates the Board between Annual Meetings, an interim replacement for a Board Member may be chosen at any Board meeting and approved by a majority vote of the Board.

(5)  Board Meetings: The Board traditionally meets monthly, but shall be required to meet at least one time each year after the Annual Meeting. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or any two (2) Officers or by a majority of the Board, provided sufficient and reasonable notice is given to all Board members.

(6)  Quorum: A majority of the voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

(7)  Attendance Requirement: If an SSNA Director has missed three consecutive, properly noticed regular board meetings, any board member can request that a motion for their removal from the SSNA Board of Directors be placed on the next monthly agenda.  Said vote would require a two-thirds majority.


The SSNA’s Officers shall include a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall be elected from the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the Board at the first Board meeting after the Annual Meeting. Officers will serve renewable terms roughly equivalent to one year. Their term of office shall start upon election and end upon the following year’s Officer elections.

Duties of Officers:

  • President. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and has, subject to the control of the Board, general supervision, direction, and control of the business and officers of the organization. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Board and Membership, and serve as a spokesperson to the community and the City of Los Angeles.
  • Vice President. The Vice President shall assist the President as needed and, in the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall perform all the duties of the president and when so acting shall have all the powers of, and be subject to, all the restrictions of the President.
  • Secretary. The Secretary shall maintain custody of the Association’s records, keep minutes of all meetings, and maintain the Association’s membership roster and mailing list(s).
  • Treasurer. The Treasurer shall maintain custody of the Association’s funds and securities, and keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Association. The treasurer shall deposit all receipts to the credit of the Association at such banks and/or financial institutions as the Board of Directors shall direct.  The Treasurer shall disburse the Association’s funds and securities only as the Board directs, or as these bylaws prescribe.  The Treasurer shall make a monthly report at Board meetings, and periodic reports and Membership meetings and the Annual Meeting.


A system providing for a financial accounting of the funds of the Sycamore Square Neighborhood Association shall be established by the Board. Any expenditure in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00) shall be approved by action of the Board. Expenditures of less than $100 may be approved by both the President and Treasurer without prior board action, and only where those offices are filled by two different board members, and be reported at the next Board meeting following the expenditure.


These Bylaws may be amended or revised by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. Notification of a vote on the Bylaws must be included on the Board meeting agenda. Meetings shall generally follow Robert’s Rules of Order, Latest Editions.